ACT Intensive

4-Week Small Group Prep Class

Hi! My name is J.C. Reeves and I’ve been a full-time tutor for over 8 years. I take the ACT every year & I score in the 99th percentile. I’ve helped many students improve their scores and have put everything I’ve learned along the way into one comprehensive course. Buckle up! It’s going to be intense.

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Expertly Designed, Comprehensive ACT Prep Class

This class is designed from the ground up for the current version of the ACT. I’ve spent thousands of hours studying and teaching this test and have analyzed it to a degree that borders on insanity. ACT Intensive covers all aspects of the ACT and will help you improve your score.

4 Full-Day Sunday Classes (9AM-4PM)

Each class meets weekly for 4 Sundays before each ACT. This gives students time to complete homework between each time we meet. We take an hour break from 12PM-1PM for lunch, but the rest of the day is jam-packed with ACT learning!

Limited to 15 Students Per Class

In an effort to keep a small-group atmosphere, each class is limited to no more than 15 students. The average class size is 10-12 students. Because of this, each student will get individual attention and many of the benefits of 1-on-1 lessons.

Pre-class Diagnostic & Personalized Homework

The pre-class diagnostic practice test highlights each student’s strengths and weaknesses. This allows me to tailor the class for each unique group of students and know what to emphasize. Each week, students are given homework with personalized feedback and suggestions based on their performance in class. This helps them study smart and focus on the areas where they need to improve the most.

Fun, Engaging, Interactive Games, Snacks, & Prizes

Everything about the ACT Intensive is designed to be effective. A large part of this is keeping students engaged and interested. Interactive games, snacks, and daily prizes inject some fun into test prep and keep everyone focused.

Custom, Proven Class Material & Strategies

I have created all of the ACT Intensive class material from scratch and fine-tuned the strategies over my many years of tutoring. Each student will receive an exhaustive class packet that includes class notes, detailed question-type breakdowns, specific strategies, one-pagers, extra practice, and more.

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