SAT Crash Course & Extra Review Day

The June SAT is coming up and for many students it’s the last thing that stands between them and their summer break. Take this opportunity to review and put in some final practice before taking the SAT on June 5th. We will spend the whole day reviewing the most important things to keep in mind for each section, working through lots of practice questions, going through explanations, and taking a Mini Mock SAT.

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7 Ways to Get a Perfect Score on the SAT Math Test

How to Get a Perfect Score on the SAT Math Test

This article is a guest post by Christian Heath. He is a fellow tutor in the Austin area and author of SAT Math Mastery Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. All links are affiliate links.

In my ten years as a professional SAT Prep tutor, I’ve spent a lot of time walking students through the steps of getting higher SAT Math scores.

Most students will never reach a perfect score in SAT Math – and that’s just the statistical truth. Furthermore, it’s not important for most students to get a perfect score. A good SAT score is more than enough for most college applications.

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