SAT Mock Test – Saturday July 20th 2019

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SAT Mock Test Saturday, July 20th (Details Below)

When it comes to preparing for the SAT, some methods and materials are more effective than others. Some preparation is better than no preparation. Official College Board material is better than 3rd party material. Active practice is better than passive reading or listening. The list goes on. . .

Some > None

Official > Unofficial

Active Practice > Passive Reading/Listening

Anything that makes your preparation more like the actual SAT is going to benefit you on the Saturday morning when you take it for real. Your prep should mirror test day conditions as much as possible. Sometimes students know the material, but don’t do as well as they could because they don’t know how to TAKE the test.  They may know the topics, but once you add in strict timing, minimal breaks, a small desk, and the pressure of performing, they buckle. You should treat the SAT like a sport.

I recommend students take the SAT (early, before they need their scores) for practice to calm their nerves and get an idea of what it will be like. The College Board offers the SAT 7 times a year, which provides frequent opportunities for practice. However, sometimes the timing doesn’t work out and you may want some extra practice in between those dates.

Summer is an ideal time to buckle down and focus your efforts on improving your SAT score. With this in mind, I’m offering a full-length SAT mock test on Saturday, July 20th. It will be set up exactly like the actual SAT. It will be an official SAT practice test and will follow all the same timing and break restrictions as the SAT.

Afterwards, you will receive your score and a breakdown of which question areas you need to improve on.

Saturday July 20th
Full-length SAT Mock Test 8am-12pm

  • Basic Results $75
  • Detailed Results & Personalized Recommendations $150
  • Detailed Results & Personalized Recommendations + 1-hour Planning/Consultation Session $225

Location: Ridgemont Academy 417 – A Gentry St., Spring, TX 77373
Contact Info: J.C. Reeves [903-780-0752] []

Contact me if you have further questions.

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