Why I Take the SAT Every Year

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I’m almost 30 years old and I still take the SAT at least once a year. I go to a local high school, sit down in a room full of anxious teens, and take a four hour long standardized test. Not only that, I enjoy it! What’s behind my madness? Here are the 4 main reasons why I still take the SAT.

#1 Stay Current on Content Changes

Overall, the content has remained mostly the same since the SAT was redesigned in 2016. That said, there is a continuous ebb and flow of different types of problems that the test focuses on and occasionally new things are introduced out of nowhere. In order to be one step ahead, I take the test myself to spot these slight changes in advance. Then, I incorporate the changes into my teaching so that students are not blindsided by topics they haven’t seen before. The core concepts are always the same, but it’s my job to catch new variations as soon as the College Board implements them. It is very important for a professional tutor to have direct experience and know what types of questions/concepts to focus on with students!

#2 Know the Test Day Experience

It’s easy to sit at a table and tell someone how the SAT works, but unless you’ve taken the test recently you may not actually know what you’re talking about. It helps students a lot when they know what to expect on test day and I can explain all the intricacies and things to remember since I’ve taken it so many times (bring snacks!). Additionally, it’s a great way to relate to students and show that I’m serious and know what I’m talking about.

#3 Credentials

When parents hire me, I want them to know what to expect. There are plenty of teachers and part-time tutors teaching students based on a seminar they attended or their experience with the SAT from the 1980s. These people are not SAT experts! I tell parents my scores and they immediately know that I’m dedicated to what I do and know the test as well as anyone out there. A true expert can make a much bigger difference in a student’s SAT score.

#4 It’s Fun!

Yes, I’m a weirdo, but I love taking the SAT. It’s a game/sport for me and I enjoy the opportunity to prove how well I really know the test. I plan to continue taking the SAT at least once a year for the foreseeable future.

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Additional Notes

  • I would not hire a SAT tutor that hasn’t taken the test recently (there’s a lot of bad information and advice out there given by people who don’t actually take the test themselves).
  • I think parents should get involved and take the SAT along with their kids. See who can get the higher score! It might be an opportunity for some humble pie.

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